If you still can’t bring yourself to download all your books on Kindle or ibook, preferring the smell of paper and the feel of turning a page then Old Delhi Second Hand Book Market is a heaven on earth.  A lover of rummaging in charity shops and community markets for a well worn bargain, discovering the Sunday morning fiesta in Old Delhi was a treat!

Book Lovers Paradise

Worth getting out of bed for!

Book lovers paradise

Book lovers paradise

Old Delhi's Sunday Surprise

Old Delhi’s Sunday Surprise

With four out of five members of our family in love with pages – the treasure hunt was on.  Something for everyone – the usual popular romance, mystery and criminology combined with books on biology, medicine, mathematics, philosophy, world travel, photography, arts and so much more.  For the kids so many well loved treasures – but you do have to search and bargain!!!  But rummaging is the fun – if you want to find a particular book or to go and buy and leave – save it for Full Circle, Texons, Jain Book Agency (the biggins in Delhi) . If you don’t mind spending a few hours getting up close and personal with paper, dust, and must and coming out with a few treasures – this is the place for you.

I have been known to enter a book store and leave hours later without a single purchase but with a huge smile on my face – just being in a space overtaken by books, browsing, flicking thru pages, absorbing snippets of stories, quotes, pictures, ideas is often enough if I already have a pile of pages on my bedside table – although I must admit since having 3 kids who also love books I rarely leave a store now without a little brown paper bag – probably why the kids love books – that and the fact that their mother is a screen nazi (sorry not politically correct).

Books Books and more Books, looking for an out of print collectors item am sure you if you are willing to rummage and loose a morning you will find it.  Or if you just love to be surrounded by words, by centuries of thought, philosophizing, science and story telling – then this is the place for you.


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